The Long IT Security Industry Winter

The Great Depression

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Peter Kuper and discuss the impact the economic crisis has had on the IT security industry on the latest Beyond the Perimeter podcast (here). Peter Kuper, former analyst Morgan Stanley and SC Gowen, now associated with the IANS (Institute for Applied Network Security) organization notes that IT security spending is down, and with it, investments in security start-ups and innovation initiatives. Kuper believes that good new technologies and well managed companies can still attract investors and customers. Furthermore, the industry supports tier of robust, established private IT security companies weathering and even prospering in current conditions. While the short term remains challenging, Kuper believes that good technologies and companies can still get a foothold in the current economic environment. You can read more from Peter at the IANS blog (here), below are some recent comments from Peter (here)

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