I Support Barack Obama for President

<political commentary below – if you are not interested stop reading>

I generally try to avoid discussing politics, religion or operating system preference, as these issues tend to drive highly charged emotions. For the most part this is a security industry blog, but it is also a representation of my thoughts and feelings, and after thinking through the options I feel like supporting Barack Obama for President (here)

Prior to the 2004 Democratic Convention I wasn’t familiar with Senator Obama, but I was captivated as he gave the Keynote. I remember turning to some friends and saying “that guy is going to be President one day”, honestly I barely remember who the Democrat’s were endorsing, but I will never forget Senator Obama’s speech.

Sitting on the sidelines and lamenting the loss of our freedoms, the loss of four-thousand dedicated men and women of the US military, watching the collapse of the housing industry, record oil prices, and a looming economic disaster is no longer an option. As citizens of the United States we have the ultimate  resposibility to do everything in our power to ensure the freedoms our founding fathers fought for, and every generation since has bled for, remain ours to pass on to our children.

This freedom starts with a voice, yours and mine. A single voice, a single vote combined with others to create the winds of change – regardless of your political beliefs, whether they be republican, democratic or somewhere in between, just remember that it is not only your right to vote, it is your responsibility.