Note to Self: 2009 Holiday Gift List

From Computer World UK (here)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone. Now it’s time for Amrit Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday—oh, whatever—to pay our industry back for all the dubious cheer it spread in 2009. Believe me, when it comes to this list, it’s much better to give than receive. Here goes:

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50th “Beyond The Perimeter” Podcast HighLights


Not too long ago I embarked on a creating a podcast series that would provide more regularity than the blog. Beyond the Perimeter has been a tremendous amount of fun and as we just posted our 50th podcast I wanted to reflect on some of the highlights and wonderful guests we have been honored to have joined us.

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When Malware Attacks (Anything but Windows) Caution: Uses Game theory

Adam J. O’Donnell (here) has an interesting article providing a quantifiable basis for the spread of malware to non-windows platforms (here) using game theory…

Predicting the minimum necessary criteria that defines when attackers will move to a new platform becomes a matter of measuring market share and the effectiveness of security mechanisms for the majority platform.

I have a lot of respect for Adam and this body of work. I also appreciate his use of game theory in a non-sensationalist way, even though just a couple of days ago I made fun of the term – at a boy Adam!