The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Technology Acquisitions

It is the foundation for the free market system and┬ácapitalism and it is every entrepreneurs dream; build a great technology, execute and achieve excellence in GTM, deliver fantastic value to customers and take great pride in watching your passion grow – fast.

Then it happens; the exit, the liquidation event, the ‘golden ticket’ and in a blip of your time on this tiny little rock your life changes.

Last year, after spending almost four years as the CTO of BigFix, we were acquired by IT industry behemoth IBM (IBM to acquire BigFix) for what was the largest acquisition of a private software company in 2010 (second was CA’s acquisition of Nimsoft at around $380m) and my life changed…

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Security, Amrit and the Land of the Rising Sun

I will be traveling to the land of cherry blossoms soon. My little brother was born in Kyoto and we spent many years there but I was young and don’t remember much. My last time in Tokyo was like being in the middle of a giant pinball machine – which is nice if you like being inside the middle of a giant pinball machine or Vegas is to sedate and lacks enough neon for your taste. But what has always intrigued me about the Japanese is their ability to turn anything, and I mean anything, into a gelatinous candy – Avocado – check, octopus – check, twig of cherry blossom – check – you want it with sugar and gelatin you can get it in Japan and you have to respect that. I will be presenting a couple of security keynotes but will have some free time – so if you happen to be in the area or have some “you must go see/do/be x” thoughts shoot me a note…