Big Data; Are You Creating a Garbage Dump or Mountains of Gold

You’re not really sure how it happened, but some time between last year and the summer of 2011 you were suddenly facing a big data problem, or you were being told you were facing a big data problem, or more accurately you were being told that you needed a big data solution.

Funny thing was that you hadn’t really done anything drastic over the last couple of years that would seem to indicate a tsunami of data was about to breach your storage floodgates, but then again it wasn’t like you watched yourself going bald either.

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Cut the Wire…

One of my favorite guilty pleasures, watching the HBO series the Wire (here), has finally come to an end. Last Sunday was the season and series finale. It was one of the finest series endings I have seen and I highly recommend jumping on the reruns or DVD series if you have never indulged.