20 Years in Infosec; Time to Party like its *1999

I am not a big fan of AT&T (here), but this video from AT&T released in 1990 is about the most insightful view into modern day infosec I’ve ever seen (here) and since it was produced pre-brick walls on fire and simple clouds to depict complex relationships it is more believable than most security marketing crap.

Neat story;

We began homeschooling this year – why? convictions, ideals, teaching to excellence versus teaching to the medium – as part of this the boys (11 & 13) are to keep up with current affairs of their choosing. My older son was quite intrigued by a story in the Economist about **Iran, something about how if they are bombed it would only slow down their nuclear ambitions, not destroy them, and worse it would dramatically increase global crankiness.

As he was sitting down to prepare his report I received an email from a reporter in Azerbaijan asking for comment on Iran’s cyber-security capabilities, especially as it relates to their nuclear program…a topic I am uniquely unqualified to comment on, but here nor there…so the other morning my son read his report, which included  his dad’s quotes from the Azerbaijani article. As a father it’s cool to draw the world full-circle like that, but the the entire experience made me feel really old and reminded me that a new generation of folks needs to be mentored and enabled.

* why would a disciple of the eternal order of the packet want to party like its 1999?

Perhaps 1999 was the first year that folks actually believed they could make a difference or more likely that was the year that the majority of security products in use today had all been invented by, since then its been a three-way battle between fail, bravado, and dreams deferred to produce iterations of the previously invented, but really nothing new

** disclaimer: I know very little about making money (or Iran), but the markets will be impacted as western powers continue to intentionally spread democracy across the Middle East, do with that information what you will

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