13 thoughts on “The Great Depression

    • The Great Depression was a tough economic time. This picture shows two men who lost there jobs during the Great Depression and are looking fo new job to support there families.

  1. thay are advertizing that they have a job that needs to be filled and the fine print are requirements for the job

  2. They are not saying they have a job that needs to be filled they are saying they are looking for a job. the fine prints are some info about them.

  3. The men are advertizing that they need jobs, the fine print it the things they are best at, not about themselves. im a 17 year old doing a project on this, I have a blown up picture of this in my history book.

  4. in the time of great depression every people of Europe who was suffering from crisis and they have no any opportunistic that how to survive here and this pics also saying that i have no any job and work who help me survive here.

    • I think there are people who care, Bedri. Like me. My parents weren’t around when the Great Depression was going on. But my grandparents were. My grandmother was pregnant with my father at the time, and my grandfather died because of this. There are people out there who care deeply about this, not only because they lost family members, but sometimes even because they were raised in this.

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