Sysadmin of the Year – Rock on!


Is there a rock star in your midst?

We’re talking about sysadmins here—the unsung rock stars of IT. The kind of sysadmin that plays the network blindfolded and upside down like Stevie Ray Vaughn, makes ch, ch, changes faster than David Bowie, smashes hackers like Pete Townsend does with guitars, keeps the show going like Bill Graham, and does it all with Ringo’s good humor.

Sysadmins can really rock your world. Now it’s time to rock it back.

The 2009 System Administrator of the Year contest is your opportunity to launch your organization’s sysadmin rock star to superstardom. Simply nominate your sysadmin or IT rock star here. Be prepared to write a thoughtful, detailed description of why your sysadmin rock star deserves global acclaim.

More about the contest—BigFix, the League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA), USENIX, and the 2009 Large Installation System Administrators (LISA’09) Conference are co-sponsoring this year’s competition. Winners will be announced at the LISA’09 Conference on November 4th, 2009 in Baltimore.

Prizes range from very cool laptop computers, “Guitar Hero-compatible” video game hardware, and gallons of energy drinks. If your rock star can’t accept gifts, we have other ways to show the industry’s appreciation. And for fun, the System Administrator of the Year 2009 web site has a “Take it to 11” back stage pass portal to a virtual, viral party for sysadmins to meet and exercise their unique senses of humor. No brown M&Ms ever.

But seriously, BigFix would like to honor all of the heroes who toil away the hard days’ nights in datacenters, server closets, and cubicles all over the world. What better way to say THANKS for being a sysadmin rock star!

Idolize your sysadmin here.

Rock on!


2 thoughts on “Sysadmin of the Year – Rock on!

  1. @Penetration testing

    It is pretty amazing that late into 2009 most organizations still struggle with basic systems and security management. Not that they are not trying, just that they have no effectiveness or efficiencies in the tools and processes they use.

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