VMWare Epic Fail

Thanks to Alex S for the heads up…VMWare licensing bug blacks out virtual servers (here)

“August 12, 2008 (Computerworld) A bug in VMware Inc.‘s newest software update has blocked corporate users from starting their virtualized servers today, according to reports filed by users in the U.S. and elsewhere.

“Updated product bits with correct licensing will be made available for download as soon as possible,” the spokesman said, adding in a follow-up e-mail that VMware expects to have a patch available later Tuesday.”

Wow! Just when you thought patch Tuesday couldn’t  get any worse.


2 thoughts on “VMWare Epic Fail

  1. I wonder what, if anything, this will do to patch strategies regarding the virtualization platforms themselves, esp. in regard to virtualized security appliances. I posted about this today:


    …and it goes back to a post I wrote back in January that is related (On Patch Tuesdays for Virtualization Platforms:) http://rationalsecurity.typepad.com/blog/2008/01/on-patch-tuesda.html

    Hope to see you soon, bro!


  2. Ultimately it will drive convergence between management of physical and virtualized environments, at least at the host or hypervisors – but this will cause significant logistical, political and technical issues as the various groups struggle to assert control and organizations look to bound responsibility to domains or functions, such as patch and active security (like endpoint/server protection) vs. policy/configuration definition, auditing, and monitoring.

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