The AV Industry Sucks!

So says Eva Chen, CEO of TrendMicro (here)…of course the death knell for signature-based AV has been coming for awhile, and we all know signature-based AV is dead (here). What is more interesting is the recent announcement from Trend discussing their Smart Protection Network, which effectively moves pattern analysis in the cloud. Sounds a lot like collective intelligence (here). This is the most innovative announcement to come from an AV vendor in the past decade.

In other news, Symantec, those vanguards of innovation, have finally announced their plans to integrate more acquired stuff (here). Systems and security management convergence is happening (here) so it is about time a company that owns all the pieces is finally talking about it, unfortunately putting everything in a yellow box and slapping a portal interface in front of it isn’t really convergence – c’est la vie!

One thought on “The AV Industry Sucks!

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