Solution to Grand Theft Auto 4 Sucking

Update: 5/7/2008 Rockstar Games has released an update that is supposed to fix the problems with GTA4 freezing. Versions 1.01 is about 18mb in size and should automatically attempt to install when you start your PS3, assuming that you are connected to the PSN network.

Update: A fix will be available soon according to this post, you should be able to download the update from PSN (here)


5.3.08 – according to a good friend of the page, engles, the problem has been found and he writes:

“Just got off the phone with T2 support. The issue that is causing the freezing is actually two separate issues. One is the network problem that the newer PS3’s are encountering however the older model, launche units are experiencing an entirely different problem. The launch version of PS3’s used a different chip that could run PS2 and PS1 games without emulation. This chip is conflicting with the game code and cause GTA4 to freeze. The T2 representative told me that the fix will indeed not be exclusively in the form of a patch. There will probably be a patch for the issues relating to the network and things that the newer PS3’s are facing however.. the older launch 60GB versions and possibly the 20gb, i didnt ask, will require a firmware upgrade that will allow GTA4 to run on the older chip. This firmware upgrade, he said, could be available anytime between tomorrow morning and “as soon as possible” as he put it. The issue is deffinately being adressed and it seems as though they have found what the problem is. So guys lets hope this works and spread this around because this came directly from my 25 minute conversation with T2 support that I just got finished with.”

Grand Theft Auto 4 has been one of the most anticipated games of the year. I love the GTA series, from the original Grand Theft Auto to Liberty City stories on the PSP so I was really looking forward to experiencing Rockstar’s newest release on the PS3. Imagine my surprise as barely 2 tasks in the game freezes. I chalk it up to code gremlins and reboot. It freezes again and this time it won’t load- total disaster!

There is a solution though, deleting all game files and reinstalling appears to resolve the game locking problem. I haven’t experienced a freeze since, so before you freak out and accept your gaming demise this issue appears to have a workaround.

FWIW: The game was freezing at the basketball courts and bowling scenes early in the game.

13 thoughts on “Solution to Grand Theft Auto 4 Sucking

  1. This solution did not work at all. I tried it with 3 different copies – deleting all the files and reinstalling – and it still froze up.

  2. @smartham

    That is too bad, what version of the software are you running? 2.3?

    Couple of people have commented that the following has helped them:

    – Not connecting to the PSN network
    – Disabling autosave

    I cannot speak to what these will do, but I can tell you that GTA4 was unplayable until I deleted all game files from the game data utility folder.

  3. the solution is to turn off network connectivity.

    the game is trying to connect to overloaded servers, thus causing the freezing. no uninstallation etc. necessary.

  4. hey ive tried everything possiblee and it doesnt work… can someone please give me another option or tell me if there is a patch i could use or something pleaseee!!! im gonna kill myself i told my son about this game someone please help me…

  5. 80 Gig owner here, I’ve exchanged the game 3 times.

    My First disk: Would freeze as soon as I got to romans house, from the loading screen. After reinstalling, disconnecting, and rebooting a billion times I decided to go exchange it.

    My Second Disk: I reinstalled it, EVEN WITH THE PSN enabled! And my game went on working fine for hours. GOT TO PLAY MULTIPLAYER! But a soon as I got to the second Little Jacob mission it started to freeze again. So I felt if a switched the disk again I could continue my game.

    My Third Disk: I reinstalled it, THE PSN WAS DISABLED, and it froze in the exact same spot. AND I CAN’T PLAY ONLINE ANYMORE! Every time i reinstalled this one, it would freeze sooner and sooner into the game.

    I really don’t know what to do next. I’m pulling my hair out for this disappointment…

  6. I dont know what to do either mine freezes every single time I play it. Does anyone know anything else? this sucks so bad!!!

  7. gta will not even load for me. it says a newer version is detected and it will quit and install update and then dosent

  8. I have the same problem as Hart with his first disk. The game freezes 2-3 minutes after going out of romans house in the begining of the game. I did everything gived as a solution which I found in Internet and nothing helps. This sucks!

  9. I bought GTA IV for my hubby for Xmas and he was so excited- now after he’s completely addicted (6 mos later) the game just freezes up- now none of our games will play what’s the deal? We contacted Sony and they want us to send the whole system back, and they will reinstall everything- this sucks- now we have to start all over! anyone have any ideas? Please help!!

  10. I have the 120 gb version of the ps3.
    GTA 4 freezes already at the start of the game.
    I play 5 minutes and it freeze, its really enoying.
    I formatted the hole system and then reinstalled the game but still the same problem.
    Is there a solution?

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