RSA Themes 2008 – Vertical Marketing

For the past so many years you can usually pick out a theme at RSA, some hot/hyped thing that everyone is marketing on about…honestly the only trend I noticed was that the height of exhibitor booths has really gone over the top. It was a forest of vertical marketing stretching towards the heavens like tiny seedlings gasping for inclusion in lead generating customer synthesis. If RSA has any problems with margins this year they should definitely charge vertically next year – which booth size would you like 20x20x20 or a 20x20x80?

One thought on “RSA Themes 2008 – Vertical Marketing

  1. It was a pity that all that vertical space was wasted. Thinking of all the fun that could have been had up there. Maybe a zip line, or an alpine gondola, or even just a multi-level slide set. 🙂 At least RSA had a climbing wall to help take advantage of things. 🙂

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