Micro-blogging your life in real-time

Cool post on Hutton’s use of Twitter to send play by play updates on the birth of his child (here) – congratulations Alex!

“Leveraging micro-blogging, Alex was able to share with us an experience that is usually reserved for only those within the close parameters of the immediate family. And we, several relationships and several hundred miles removed, were able to experience the birth of his daughter in a truly emotional way. It was amazing. “

On another note congrats to the Mogull for joining TidBITS as security editor (here)

“We met Rich in person for the first time at Macworld Expo earlier this month, and we were happy to confirm our belief that he’s smart, knowledgeable, easy-going, and highly capable.”

Yeah I suppose those things are true, but what some folks probably don’t know is that Rich is the only analyst to ever implement a true Quantum computing platform with polarized photon communication capabilities, all of this while single handedly bringing down the Gambino crime family with a toothpick and an army of squirrels.


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