The Wire Shields Dexter and Me from Bad TV

Writers strike be damned!

What do the mean streets of Baltimore, a LA police strike team and a forensic investigator/serial killer for the Miami police have in common? They represent some of the best television you are going to find in 2008.

Now I do not watch a lot of TV even though I have the lounging skills of 10 men, an unfortunate side effect of a bite from a radioactive sloth as a child, so I like to maximize my couch potato time. Here is my list of the top 3 TV sows you need to watch in 2008.

The Wire (here) is a look into the mean streets of Baltimore, as seen from the perspective of the police, the media, the criminals, and the innocents caught up in the realities of so many dreams deferred. It is a welcome reprieve from the overly Hollywood cop dramas such as law and order and the CSI series (what cops drive hummers and wear Prada – seriously that it just ridiculous) The fifth and final season airs on Sunday nights on HBO – watch it!

The Shield (here) highlights an LA strike team led by Vic Makey (Michael Chiklis), it is gritty, raw, and filled with complex characters that blur the line between good and evil as they continually confront their inner demons and their human flaws. Forest Whitaker, an internal affairs investigator, who was Makeys nemesis in seasons 5 & 6 was scripted and acted so well that it became really difficult to know whose side you were on, and even though both men were inherently good they were both so predisposed to commit acts of desperation it made for really good TV. TV that leaves you feeling a little unclean for having participated. TV that draws you into a world that seems so real and yet so far away at the same time. The camera work can leave you with motion sickness but it is worth every minute. The rumored final Seventh season will air on FX (yes FX) April of 2008 – watch it!

Dexter (here) is just creepy. Dexter is a serial killer who happens to work for the Miami police department as a forensics investigator. He murders, murderers, but maintains a boyish charm and such a complex, yet likable personality that, like many of the characters in the Wire and the Shield, leaves you wondering if you should be cheering him on or cursing him to hell. It is quirky, weird, and definitely far less realistic than the other shows mentioned but it is deliciously evil. Dexter airs on Showtime, also my cousin (here) guest stars in several episodes so you should watch it for that reason alone – so watch it!

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