Mac OS X 10.5 and the Subterranean Homesick Blues

Blue Screen of Death plagues MAC OS X “Leopard” (here) install due to an incompatibility with third-party enhancement software. I was planning to upgrade this week and looks like there is a solution so no reason not to – just in case you are feeling the blues…


Solution 1: Reinstall Leopard (recommended)

It may be necessary to perform an Archive and Install installation of Leopard. Archive and Install moves your existing Mac OS X system files to a folder named Previous System, and then installs a new copy of Mac OS X on the selected volume. Mac OS X–installed applications, such as Address Book and Safari, are archived, and new versions are installed in the Applications folder. Applications, plug-ins, and other software may have to be reinstalled after an “Archive and Install.” This is covered on page 7 of the Install & Setup Guide included on the Leopard DVD.

You will probably want to check “Preserve user and network settings” when starting the installation.

Note: After installation, verify each third-party software product is compatible with Leopard before reinstalling it, especially any application “enhancement” software.
Solution 2: Use the command line (advanced) to remove application enhancement software

Try this solution if you are comfortable using Terminal and have certain application enhancement installed. The software may be removed following the below steps:

  1. Start up in single-user mode by holding Command-S after restarting the computer.
  2. Execute these commands, each on a single line:/sbin/fsck -fy /
    /sbin/mount -uw /
  3. Execute these commands, each on a single line. Important: Type each command carefully, misuse of the rm command may damage other files.
    rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/Application\ Enhancer.prefpane
    rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/ApplicationEnhancer.framework
    rm –rf /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/ApplicationEnhancer.bundle
    rm -rf /Library/Preferences/com.unsanity.ape.plist
  4. Restart normally.
  5. If the issue persists, use solution 1 above instead

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