Air Force Ready to Drop Cyber Bombs

“There’s been a “radical change in U.S. policy when it comes to its cyber warfighting stance,” according to Inside the Air Force.  A few months back, Pentagon officials were saying that “the military had no plans to shift its cyber warfare focus from a defensive mindset to an offensive one.”    But now that the Air Force has declared themselves the service in charge of all things electronic, “high-ranking service officials say they are developing offensive strategies to attack enemies’ cyber assets.” (here)

In the wake of several Chinese probes into the Defense Department’s non-classified computer and communications network, known as the NIPRNET, as well as German and British defense networks, the Air Force has made it clear it feels that, to fight effectively in cyberspace, a military must be on the offensive.

I mentioned the need for enhancing our digital first strike capabilities just a couple of weeks ago (here) — spooky! of course an all-out digital war will create major havoc with AT&T UVerse, but it can’t be any crappier than AT&T’s current IPTV service levels.

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