FTC Requests Comments on Use of SSN by Private Sector

The Identity theft task force finally noticed that SSN’s may be furthering the problem of identify theft since they are so heavily relied on as an authenticator of one’s identity (here) personally I just assumed that thieves have already stolen my SSN so to thwart their efforts at damaging my credit I just keep my credit poor to begin with.

The Identity Theft Task Force (“Task Force”) crafted a strategic plan to make the federal government’s efforts more effective and efficient in the areas of identity theft awareness, prevention, detection, and prosecution. As part of its strategic plan, the Task Force recommended that the participating agencies that have direct experience with the private sector’s use of Social Security numbers (“SSNs”) develop a comprehensive record on those uses and evaluate their necessity. The Task Force recommended that the participating agencies gather information from all stakeholders, including the financial services industry, law enforcement agencies, consumer reporting companies, academics, and consumer advocates.

In other news the administrations plan of implanting humans with microchips to identify them as “being with us or against us” is one step closer to reality


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