Scorpions, Pink Tacos, and Sun Tzu under a Desert Sun

I was speaking at CSI in Phoenix yesterday and had a chance to spend some time with the Mogull. We had dinner with his wife at a family restaurant called the Pink Taco ’cause they have a dish which is basically a pink taco (get your mind out of the gutter Shimel), after dinner Rich sent his Wife home to clean or pack or something while we went back to the resort to drink and meet-up with Anton – nice Rich, real nice πŸ˜‰ I also wanted to note that Rich is apparently really afraid of scorpions, and I think squirrels, not really too much you can do with that information unless you are a scorpion rancher or have figured out how to train squirrels to attack on command.Β  Anyway It is always great to see old friends, and meet new ones, rap about security, life, and the impending digital apocalypse which will luckily be avoided through a series of carefully crafted, and well-placed, user awareness training posters.

I need to post something on security to eliminate Rich’s ability to respond soΒ  here goes…

Quoting the Art of War to explain information security principles is like trying improve business management skills by reading Dilbert. In the vendor world it is akin to the circle diagram that explains how the solutions create a closed loop systems for securing the world or something, even though they lack the really key pieces to actually close the loop, anyway I am all for bumper sticker philosophies and love my “Security people do it in private” bumper sticker, and the Art of War is a classic quoted by every security vendor that was around in the late 90’s but seriously it is like playing Stairway to Heaven at Guitar Center.


8 thoughts on “Scorpions, Pink Tacos, and Sun Tzu under a Desert Sun

  1. I prefer the “War of Art” instead…it’s messy, everyone lives but instead of “knowing thy enemy,” everyone ends up at an artist’s commune wearing hemp and having impressionist vs. cubist debates.

    ‘least he didn’t take you to the Purple Sausage which is his other favorite hang-out (pun intended.)

    I’m guessing this comment won’t make it’s way up πŸ˜‰


  2. Hehe, I think the analogy of Art of War to security makes a lot more sense than all those analogies (holy batman!) in your last paragraph. πŸ™‚

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