TB Infected American Becomes International Transmission Vector

Despite being made aware of the dangers, the threat to his fellows and in violation of international law an American man infected with a highly contagious form of Tuberculosis bypasses multiple security points to get married and enjoy his Honeymoon – imagine what could happen if someone wanted to infect intentionally – scary! (here) and (here)

He must not have noticed the “Traveling with a highly contagious disease can kill” awareness posters displayed in all the airports.

(05-30) 10:14 PDT ROME, Italy (AP) —

Italian officials said Wednesday they were tracing the movements of an American man infected with a rare and dangerous form of tuberculosis who honeymooned in Rome for two days despite being told to turn himself in to health authorities.

The man, who Italian authorities said was 32 years old, is hospitalized in respiratory isolation in an Atlanta hospital.

He flew from Rome to Prague, then to Montreal and the United States — despite being contacted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control while in Rome and told to turn himself in to Italian authorities to be isolated and treated.

The World Health Organization said Wednesday the chances that the man infected fellow passengers was small, although officials noted that because of TB’s long incubation time, it may be years before anyone knows whether the man infected anyone while he was traveling.


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