Mobile Virus FUD

From Techdirt (here) Just when you think you are safe…Kaspersky (here) drags a German TV crew into a Faraday cage to show them how devastating Cabir, the world’s most only virulent semi-infectious (when forced to spread manually in Faraday cages) strain of mobile malware, really is – it is only a small leap from manufactured media stunt to full-blown, thermo-nuclear war resulting in the rise of the machines – the end of days is nigh brothers!

2 thoughts on “Mobile Virus FUD

  1. I was at a seminar yesterday with a speaker from HTC, the manufacturers of mobile devices running Windows Mobile. With the increase in these devices, we’re probably going to see a derth of new attacks targeted at these devices.

    The problem is that we tend to forget our security brain once we leave our laptop/desktop environment(ok, if we did have security brains to begin with!), and start downloading crap onto our handheld devices.

    Or maybe I’m just imagining things….

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