84 MPG Mercedes Concept Car

Bionic Benz

Mercedes has turned to the Boxfish to deliver an extremely fuel efficient vehicle with a purported 84 mpg at 56mph (here) interesting concept – I think I will stick with the 16 mpg CLS500 though


5 thoughts on “84 MPG Mercedes Concept Car

  1. A totally different concept car. Bionic concept – concept car based on an aquatic inspiration. This is another concept offered to us by Mercedes Benz. Though it is not sure yet if its going to be available at the market in the coming years, but surely this would catch an eye to the automotive industry. Many would be wondering what are the features, are there new Mercedes parts that had been installed? This car is a fuel-efficient one. Lets wait and see..

  2. Sure, it doesn’t look bad. It is, though, a blend of design cues that come from many different brands and design languages.
    The rear lights are almost the same as the Golf’s front lights and the front bumper and grill area reminds me of Volvo’s latest design.

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