Shock ads – Red Cross Style

Check out these pictures the Red Cross is using in San Francisco that depict a post-apocalyptic wasteland right in my backyard (here) from Boing Boing (here). I remember Loma Prieta, I remember working as a volunteer in West Oakland where the Nimitz fell, it was horrifying seeing the cars that were crushed by a double-decker freeway and I certainly appreciate preparedness, disaster recovery and limiting the impact when bad things happen – but aside from the awesome depiction of the Ferry Building this type of thing does little to drive change, just like those old “this is your brain on drugs ads” I am not sure that stopped anyone from trying drugs, personally it just made me afraid of fried eggs.

3 thoughts on “Shock ads – Red Cross Style

  1. I think the fact that people are talking about the Red Cross and their preparedness campaign is a true sign that the campaign is working. If this was a normal ad about how to get prepared, no one would have noticed and we certainly wouldn’t be blogging on it now.

  2. Paul,

    It is definitely getting attention, but honestly I am torn, there are many that are claiming that what the Red Cross is doing is spreading FUD and fear mongering, others think it will be successful since it raises awareness. I am somewhere in the middle, I think society is generally desensitized to disasters, and even with a flood (no pun intended) of evidence the majority still harbor feelings that it cannot happen to them.

  3. Hello Paul,
    Yeah, I remember LP as well – but i gotta say i feel even less secure in the bay area than I did then. Stuff like SF OES not having a earthquake plan on the 100th aniversary of the 07 quake and lying to the public, publicly at the “celebration” really unnerve me.
    Heck, this FUD ( and even IF this is FUD) from the red+ is tame compared to what you find with any amount of digging into actual preparedness.
    just google earth the fault lines and fire houses in the east bay and here if you want a restless night sometime…

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