More on Julie Amero

Every time I think about what this women has had to go through it really shakes my confidence in our judicial system, I hope that true justice is eventually served, that Julie is vindicated, and the “experts”, lawyers, and media (here) that have destroyed this woman’s life are themselves made to  pay for their crimes of ignorance, negligence, and malfeasance.

Ryan and I have been discussing this in the halls of work and he recently posted an article in Windows Secrets (here), there are some folks working to help Julie with her defense and her husband has a defense fund which you can contribute to (here)

Unfortunately this is not the first or last time we will see a misunderstanding of technology used to convict innocent people, but that doesn’t mean that we should sit by and let this travesty continue.


2 thoughts on “More on Julie Amero

  1. It’s bad enough that the “experts” in this case are complete mental-midgets, but the eyewitness accounts alone should have prevented charges ever being brought against this woman. I don’t think this is a case of ignorance, I think it’s a case of the porn police gone awry.

  2. unfortunately that is the reality, in an SC magazine article I was quoted with a very similar statement to yours “It came down to hyping the porn-and-children angle,” Williams said.

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