StillSecure Insecure about NAC?

After posting some comments on NAC, Shimel over at StillSecure took exception to my comments (here) and began his usual sophomoric games, although as he stated they were subdued – cool! Whatever, Alan can be a jackass we all know that. But aside from just stating things like I am no longer an analyst, or how much he could attack me if he really, really wanted to, or on and on and on and yawwwnnnn! He seems to be a little insecure on how to actually post on the benefits of NAC.

So enough posturing big boy, put your companies NAC value where your mouth is and defend the benefits of NAC properly. I gave my opinion (here) so why doesn’t the Chief Strategy Officer of a NAC company do more than toss spitballs over the dorm room wall? How about a thoughtful post on why NAC is experiencing issues in adoption, how organizations should approach NAC, tactical and strategic options, the art of the process, how to properly integrate remediation into the quarantine activities, you know add real value to the conversation instead of the blogging equivalent of “your momma jokes”

Or would that be too highbrow for you?

BTW – I don’t need you tell me what the stated revenue or install base of Still Secure is, it was a rhetorical question since you and I both know what you claim it to be – unless of course it has grown dramatically over the last quarter, you know from all those large NAC deals.

2 thoughts on “StillSecure Insecure about NAC?

  1. I think the installed base might have grown to be what we told you it was before last quarter.

    Highbrow and class aren’t what Stillsecure managment are about. You have to understand, Alan and Mitchell aren’t terribly intelligent, they are just Rajat’s henchmen. Someone needs firing (you know, didn’t work 60 hours last week, only 45) send Mitchel or Alan off to do it. Someone needs to lie to a customer or analyst, send off Alan or Mitchell. Look at their track record, every company Mitchell has touched is either dead or in dire trouble. Alan was somehow involved with the porn business before coming to stillsecure. Meanwhile, ask them what their employee retention rate is, they had over 50% turn over both of the last 2 years. Or ask them about the unannounced money they raised last year, why did they need that? Ask them who is working and supporting all of the products, looks to me like 2 products, one unannounced, are being worked on.

    It’s a failing startup like so many others.

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