NAC vendor Defends NAC

Shimel took some exception to my thoughts on NAC (here), of course he sells a NAC product and I would have expected nothing less. From what I can tell Shimel agreed with everything I said, but yet he really didn’t want to. He noted that NAC was overpriced, overhyped, required infrastructure upgrades, wasn’t ready for primetime, would need to mature and evolve to deal with ID’s and new threats. Bascially he was saying, without realizing it, that people should really wait 2-3 years for NAC to mature before investing in the technology. I couldn’t agree more with you Shimel 🙂


2 thoughts on “NAC vendor Defends NAC

  1. Of course a NAC vendor will defend NAC, they are constantly meeting customers, trying to create value in their products and have hands on knowledge of what NAC can really do.

    NAC can offer value today, if you keep expectations and product costs within bounds.

  2. Shimel didn’t really defend NAC, he does what he always does which is attack the messenger – those who have limited vocabularies resort to that type of thing.

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