RSA and the degrading, objectification of women

I ran into Shimel at the RSA conference and we had a brief discussion about the ridiculous use of women to drive traffic to a booth (here) – he is right. Honestly this is degrading to all of us. The lame Marketing VP’s that are running these programs should have to spend a night in jail being pawed by a large, hairy, tattooed guy who likes to “snuggle”

What does the RSA conference or the IT security industry have to do with objectifying women – nothing!


5 thoughts on “RSA and the degrading, objectification of women

  1. Seems to me that the Japanese have this market cornered. I was at Net&Com(a network show) and saw alot of booth babes, again.

    This years buzz word in Japan: Thin clients. That’s all I have to say about that…

  2. The whole use of booth babes is actually a pretty old practice. I remember seeing it at InfoSec World Orlando years ago and of course there was always Comdex back in the day. The practice died out around the same time the dot com bubble burst. I guess less silly companies running high on VC meant less hookers and blow.

    That being said I actually think that this practice is more degrading to the attendees of the conference also known as the customers. I mean how stupid do some of these vendors think that their customers are to be sucked in by some “hot girl” (it is all perspective) and ignore the fact that for the most part their products suck.

    If I was a customer of one of these vendors I would be insulted that they think that this is all it takes to gather sales leads.


    PS: To g055man: believe it or not the Japanese are very far behind when it comes to information security. I know this from first hand engagements with varous Japanese based organizations.

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  4. I don’t think it’s exploitation of women….if they were in a state of undress that’s a different matter.

    The geeks may be attracted by pretty girls but they’ll stay for the product.

  5. Yes, this is disgusting. This is a message of humiliation and degradation to any female who would attend this event.
    You’re right, security conference has nothing to do with this!
    I’m a computer science student and I see a lot of this stuff going on in CS field, actually… I have to fight with objectification and discrimination all the time. This is very sad the company at the conference chose to go via that route, but yes, this only speaks about their developmental level and certainly an invitation to boycott them.

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