The Pragmatic Review

Pragmatic CSO

I finally had a chance to review Mike Rothman’s Pragmatic CSO (here). This is an excellent work on how organizations can embrace security as part of the business and not just a function that inhibits it. The writing style is easy to follow and light, yet tackles some pretty significant issues facing organizations today. It reminds me of the highly successful Ken Blanchard/Spencer Johnson style books – lots of great messages delivered in a conversational narrative, that are easily digestible and can be applied immediately. In an ocean of technical security books it is great to finally see someone tackling the issue of evolving an organizations security programs and aligning it with the business.

Rothman also manages to deliver consistently valuable material everyday on his security incite blog (here), definitely worth subscribing to. Recently Rothman sat down with Shimel and Ashley for some podcasts. I recommend you take the time to listen, as all three of these guys are highly entertaining on top of providing some great content (here) and (here)

Great Job Mike! you should be very proud of your efforts, and even more so of your execution. However, Shimel, you on the other hand… 🙂


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