RSA Themes

RSA starts next week in San Francisco and the PR machines will be kicked into full gear. Even with the keynotes and the training session, it really is just a large gathering of vendors, sort of like a dead show for marketing people, but instead of humboldt county kind green, vegan burritos and the smell of patchouli and sage, Moscone will be taken over by logo’d pens, cheap nachos and the smell of freshly printed datasheet glossys.

RSA is like a giant park where all the security vendor dogs can run around sniffing their competitors butts. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be there, I always am. I look forward to seeing folks I haven’t seen in awhile, some I used to work with, some I used to work for and some old friends.

Usually you can pick out a theme that dominates the marketing collateral. There was the year of PKI, worms, DDoS was big at one point. Last year was pretty much NAC and Compliance with idenity theft trailing closely behind.

This year will also see a continuation of NAC and compliance, but data security and identity will be far more prevalent than in previous years. The reality is that securing systems is important but evolving threats coupled with breach disclosure laws are driving organizations to secure the data from external forces, as well as internal employees. So my prediction for the prevailing “theme” – well, it’s all about protecting the data this year.


2 thoughts on “RSA Themes

  1. It may well be about protecting the data, but protecting it where?

    My prediction is that this year will be the year of securing the data at the endpoint.

    As Infosecurity professionals, we have worked and worked for many years to provide products that protect data on the server or desktop, whatever the device may be, as long as its within the corporate domain.

    The problem is that data doesnt remain there anymore, it moves and it’s going to move more and more. So all that infrastructure that we have developed and invested in, needs to start to manage data on the move.

    This is going to be difficult, people dont want more agents but they are going to have to put up with that. The laptop is the single biggest security threat to data in any corporation today (or maybe its the guy or girl who uses the laptop!)

    I’m not going to be at RSA, but please do me a favour and let me know if I was right??

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