So Big Daddy Shimel (here) and the mouth from the south (here) are questioning my independence – they are welcome to their opinion, so that’s fine, but I haven’t actually seen any analysis in favor of the Symantec/Altiris deal that would lead me to believe this is good for the current or future Altiris install base, or for ESM, Bindview customers or for consumers of the string of other overlapping and poorly executed integrations Big Yellow has left in its wake.

So Recourse, On Technology, Powerquest, Platform Logic, Whole Security, Sygate, IM Logic, Relicore, Bindview, and uhmm oh yeah Veritas were all brilliantly executed acquisitions? – I’m sure I am forgetting some other strikeouts, but their customers probably haven’t, trust me I am not sitting around hoping to be acquired by Symantec, and I am sure any customer base that values their solution is praying that their vendor of choice is not acquired by Symantec either – you know what would be really inspiring, if Symantec spent some time actually integrating all this stuff.

As for Altiris, I stated an opinion that some of their offerings were not best of breed – so what? how about some analysis on the deal – what advice would you give prospective customers of Altiris that would differ from “the market should be very leery of making any technology acquisition until Symantec can provide proof of execution”?

2 thoughts on “Biased?

  1. Big Daddy here. Its not what you said is wrong, I actually agree with you for the most part. Its just different now that you are on this side of the street. I wouldn’t want you to be blog bullying πŸ˜‰

  2. Well, of course I am biased. As the CTO of BigFix I am passionate about their technology and the team. But that doesn’t mean my analysis is wrong, just, you know, an opinion, based on a number of factors πŸ™‚

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