Symantec to Acquire Altiris

Symantec agreed to slap some yellow paint over the Altiris product line for $33/share or $830 million in cash (here).

“The most secure endpoint is a well-managed endpoint. The best protection must be complemented by the ability to remediate and address vulnerabilities that could be exploited,” said John W. Thompson, chairman and chief executive officer, Symantec. “By combining the endpoint management solutions from Altiris with the security expertise from Symantec, we believe we can offer customers a more comprehensive solution to protect and manage the millions of connected devices that make up the fabric of today’s global IT infrastructure.”

Symantec had a weakness in systems management, and although Altiris provides them these functions, Altiris patch management, software distribution and other capabilities were not best of breed. Although Symantec gains some capabilities it was unable to deliver to market on their own, they have a terrible track record of integrating acquired technologies, and Altiris was still in process on integrating in its own acquisitions, such as pedestal.

So big, slow moving Symantec buys a smaller systems management company with a poor architecture, and now owns three security configuration management companies in Bindview, Altiris (Pedestal) and their own ESM line – their chance of integration success is 0 and the market should be very leery of making any technology acquisition until Symantec can provide proof of execution.

I will post more once I get a better understanding of how Symantec plans to integrate the technology, unless it is just add some new SKU’s, toss it all in a yellow box and call it integrated.


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