Apple iPhone

I don’t really give a crap if the new Apple iPhone is secure or not I want one! and I know every one of you feel the same way…


3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone

  1. I wouldn’t mind having one, but it’s price tag and ties to Cingular make me want to puke. I currently have Cingular, and I can’t wait until the day my contract is over!

  2. I hear that – I hate Cingular as well. But you have to admit that Apple has done an amazing job of pushing interface design and the form and function of consumer devices forward – they understand the importance of design, not that I am a zealot or anything 😉

  3. Crazy sexy, it’s true. They’re making a huge bet on that screen from all perspectives (interface, reliability, etc.)… if it works – they could have a real winner, but if there are problems we could have another cube on our hands. Think the WiFi / OS X combo means easy Skype-ability? 🙂

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