Looking back on the past 365 – Balance is key!

We become so caught up in the day to day activities of work and family that it is easy to forget what is truly important. I try to mediate and reflect on life as often as possible, but the end of the year affords me the time to get back in touch with me. Was the I the best father I could be? the best husband? the best friend? – did I live with integrity and respect and did I provide the same to those I work with professionally? Did I live every moment of my life with excellence or was I just going through the motions?

It has been an amazing year!

I rode an elephant through the jungles of Thailand, walked the beach at Phuket where the Tsunami hit, held a Koala at refuge in Brisbane, swam with Dolphins, touched a wobbegong shark, ate Satay at 3 in the morning in Singapore, tossed back cold sea urchin in Hong Kong for breakfast, meditated at Gargantua Del Diablo (the Devils Throat) at the mouth of Iguazu falls, took pictures of a Favella in Rio (not recommended for the faint of heart), touched history and art in Amsterdam, walked through Hyde Park, and met so many beautiful people along the way.

I taught my youngest son to play baseball, my oldest to defeat Mega-Godzilla and both to ride bikes – with no hands. I celebrated my ten year wedding anniversary, buried an uncle and held my mothers hand in the emergency room. I changed careers, bought a new home, gained and lost and gained and lost again dozens of pounds. I took up photography – again, advanced belts in martial arts, began work on two books, three screensplays, and started a blog.

As I reflect on the past year I realize now, more than I ever have, the importance of balance. The ability to live life to its fullest while still nurturing and growing and learning what it means to be human. For me balance is the key to happiness and sucess in life.

It has been an amazing year, and I am truly blessed to have the friends, family and opportunities in my life that I have. I wish all of you the very best that life has to offer in 2007.

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