My OS can beat up your OS

Here we go again with another debate about Windows vs. Mac security. Gruber drew first blog blood (here), Tom takes him to task (here), Mogull tosses in some thoughts (here), and of course I could not sit idly by without tossing in a couple of my own coins. Mogull’s right about one thing – it doesn’t matter. I wish it did, I wish you could buy a secure OS and not have to spend on deploying security technologies or managing the infrastructure, but the reality is that you do and you will for the foreseeable future – you see users are stupid and will figure out a way to bypass your dream secure OS, and of course an auditor is coming to a network environment near you soon and would like to know how you provide visibility and control over all those end-points under your dominion.

Of course once the browser becomes the OS and SOA and SaaS becomes how we consume most technology, and thin clients become all the rage none of this will really matter – but that isn’t happening anytime soon, users will never allow it, but oh the secure fun we would have if only we could.


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