The Allegory of the Cave

I loved reading this in College, the last time I thought about it was when I first saw the Matrix…

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave tells the story of prisoners who are chained together, positioned so that they do not face one another. The only reality they know are the shadow images that, through the darkness, are manifested by the light of the fire and cast against the wall. One of the prisoners is freed, and ventures outside into the “real world”, after his eyes adjust he is able to see reality for the first time. This is a very troubling time for the prisoner as everything he has learned, everything he thought was real is not. Once he is “enlightened”he returns to the cave to free his fellows from the bondage of their perceptions. Of course they are not willing to change their perceptions and some will become murderous if attempts are made to force them from bondage.

At what point do we become so conditioned to accept certain aspects of life as reality that we stop questioning? When do we become so assured of our position that we react with violent opposition when confronted with an opposing opinion? How do we allow ourselves to become so clouded by ego that we lose our sight.

To all those who blindly follow, who accept the words of “experts” without experiencing truth for themselves can never be enlightened and will forever live in bondage.

So my friends regardless of where you sit in a debate, any debate, whether it be politics, religion, or whether or not IDS is dead or adding all kinds of value to all kinds of people – Question everything, find your own proof, discover your own reality, do not just take the words of others as fact, for many have their own agendas – some emotional, some financial, and all driven by ego.

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