Just like Stephen Colbert and adoption of the term “Truthiness” we need to adopt a term that properly represents the absurd marketing hype that permeates the industry – I propose Technicity.

Mogull recently blogged:

If someone ever tells you something like the following:

“We defend against all zero day attacks using a holistic solution that integrates the end-to-end synergies in security infrastructure with no false positives.”

Run away
We call this Technicity, a word that describes unsubstantiated technology claims manifested through marketing terminology buzzwords which purport to create a paradigm shift in technology but whose only purpose is to confuse the masses into believing that they should spend money. From now on when we talk about marketing “noise” we can simply refer to it as Technicity.

BTW – the term “technicity” is used by the European parliament as part of a directive that controls patent eligibility for software, personally I think this fits quite well into our definition and see no conflict.


3 thoughts on “Technicity

  1. Actually, “technicity” is a Communications/Media Studies term which refers to technology + knowledge and precedes economics and labour. Technicity provides a way of speaking about a pre-marx relation to production.

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