Great Moments in Windows Security…


There is a lot of discussion about Microsoft entering the security market, some even ask why didn’t they think of that before. Well I am not sure if everyone remembers Central Point AV but it was integrated into DOS and win3.1. and called MSAV, it didn’t work very well, wasn’t kept updated and logged the windows 95 installer as a virus, but there was an integrated antivirus product within DOS and Windows 3.1, of course they didn’t have the same motivation they do now even though eastern european hackers were writing polymorphic viruses (yes the ones that Symantec said in their 2006 threat report would grow) in the late 1980’s and had ultra cool names like the “Dark Avenger

I wonder if security had been as big an issue as it was today there would have been a bunch of OS/2 zealots, like the MAC cult of today (btw – I am typing this on a MAC but I put an old PGP sticker over the apple so it looks cooler)


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